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CWPress Release #3: 2015| Cementing Out Status. Deepening Our Roots

Year 3. Wow. Already three years of Created And Written Publications. 2014 will go down as the one of the greatest, and busiest, years of our brand. From soaring highs, to intimate lows, we took all of our characters through an array of challenges. But our stories also showed the growth in me as a writer. It showed the depth that I now process.

In mid-2014, Seniors came to an end, and I decided that Varsity should take over as the flagship series. With the release of the Varsity: Heroican War, the series was skyrocketed to the top of CW Publications, and gave our brand a standing. Also, I started MIND2SITE blog, giving us a whole new leg of our brand. The blog has become a success, posting record numbers for the last few months, and arguably becoming our most recognizable entity. It showed the world that we would survive. 2014 was about looking back to Seniors, and giving it the greatness of send offs, and moving forward with Varsity, pouring everything into it.

And now, 2015 is all about Cementing Our Status, and Deepening Our Roots.

Many things about the year will be drastically different from 2014. First off, our line up for the year is very small. In 2014, we released 3 books. This year, we will release just one.

#Safehaven, as it will be known for now (official title will come later), will chronicle the lives of a group of soldiers. It will be set at the turning point of World War 3. By having it set in WWlll, it allows me to create a much different world. And we are all about creating here. The character that I have started creating are probably my most complex, because this will be a very character and plot driven book. They have strengths, but boy do they ALL have daunting flaws. We will see them work through these after their lives are thrown into chaos. And who doesn’t love chaos.

Now just because there will only be one book for the year, that does not mean that the brand will be less active with our supporters. Expect the Blog to be more important than ever. Expect some great stories to be flushed out and born.

An Update For Future Projects

I haven’t done one of these before, as I tend to keep a tight lid of projects. But I thought it was time to share some details on some of the stories I had decided to write, and some I haven’t. First off, lets talk Westen Trilogy. As the first story I ever wrote, Westen holds a place is my heart. But I decided to put it on the shelf for good. No further work will be done with it. In regards to current projects that are in production, I will only say this. There will be more of the same, but there will be new stories with new characters as well. From Political Thrillers, to a spy novel, to a dystopian world, I have plenty of ideas for the future.

Looking Forward to Another Year,

Eichel Davis

CEO and Writer

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