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  • Eichel Davis

Bp #36: An Open Letter From Mizzou Baseball To Mizzou Baseball

20-11. Thats Mizzou Baseball’s record after a 5-1 loss to Florida earlier tonight. It was a good game. We played okay, and to be honest, we were just out matched. We’re the underdogs, right where we belong. Because everyone loves a comeback story.

It was easy last season to judge this team. Being from Missouri, I heard a lot about Mizzou Baseball, and most of it was negative. I perceived this team in a certain light that I think all outsiders do. But now that I see the work, the time, and the passion that is wrapped up in this team, I can’t help but smile sometimes. After the game, little kids were clamoring for autographs. Trey, they yelled. Number 17, they yelled. Number 24, 42, first baseman. They had a little twinkle in their eye as these players, who were still wrapped up in the loss (as they should be), walked over and signed their balls. It was one of those moments. One of those moments I couldn’t help but smile. And these moments are starting to happen everyday. When I hear Lavy’s walk up song, I can’t help but smile. When McClain pretty much poses for perfect pictures, I can’t help but smile. When Breckin Williams or Tanner Houck or Andrew Schwaab strike out a batter, I can’t help but smile. When Ring makes a phenomenal catch or Lester, Howy, and Peel make turn a great play, I can’t help...but smile. Because, in a game where you play so many games, and see so many losses (good teams lose 20 games), its good to remember to enjoy the moment and smile.

Even as I walked off the field tonight, and the lights were turned off, and our loss became really, I still couldn’t help but think about all the things we have accomplished, all the great memories we’ve made. From walk offs, to homers, to triple plays, this team has done some incredible things.

So tomorrow when I walk into Taylor Stadium, and we play the best game we can, I’ll be ready for us to beat a top 5 team. Because you can’t count this team out. When you look back on the last 30 games, and really think about, who else could do what we have done. Who else could have such a comeback. And remember, everyone loves a comeback.


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