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Eichel Davis is a writer, creative director, and all-around storyteller. An avid baseball fan, many of his works center on athletes and the unique experiences and stories they have. From touching tribute videos to empowering hype pieces, Eichel has shown to have an eye for the story in one of the world's most popular pastimes. 


Eichel is also involved heavily in activism and social/political issues. Many of us videos, writings, and designs are geared toward delving into issues such as racism, equality, and all-around civil liberties for all. A deeply patriotic soul, Davis strives to do his part to make the United States a great place for all. 


Davis is from the city of Saint Louis, MO, and currently works for South Carolina Athletics leading the non-football creative department.

artist statement

Since I can remember, I wanted to tell stories.


From a young age, I began stringing little words and pictures into stories for whoever would let me. And from a young age, it became clear that, I could do unlike many around me.


We as people live through millions of seconds. We have lived through high school graduation, through first born child, through first heartbreak. And through all of it, we were penning our own stories, our own books. And in a world that is seven billion unfinished novels strong, I want to tell the journeys, sagas, and triumphs of all of us. I want to tell the stories of African Americans, fighting for the freedoms long over due to them. I want to tell the story of the strong women who are treated as lesser because some man decided so. I penn the moment of a baseball team, of the underdogs, fighting the way to the top. I want to tell those stories, the pages of the books that we are writing everyday.And most importantly, I want to tell my own. I desire to dig deep into the mind of the writer, of the poet, of the video producer, of the family loving man, of the son of the single mother, of the brother of two siblings, and the friend of many more.

So, will you join me in this little thing called Life? Yes? Good. There are stories to tell.  - EICHEL DAVIS

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TWITTER: @EichelGDavis

INSTAGRAM: @EichelGDavis

FACEBOOK: Eichel Davis

PHONE: 314.422.8831




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