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  • Eichel Davis

BP #1: I Didn't Want This

I didn't want this. Let's start there.

I did not want to start a blog. I was just fine with reading others words and taking in others advice. I was fine with being a leech of their knowledge. But soon I was faced with an exceedingly big head, and not in an ego type of way. I was challenged with thought after thought, idea after idea, and soon, I began to think that maybe all my years of blog surfing, had paid off. Maybe I was now suppose to become the blogger. Its like in Star Wars. Yes I am using this movie to establish my nerdiness. SUE ME!

So in New Hope, there is a scene where Obi-wan is killed by Darth Vader, using horrible special effect I might add. He was killed right in front of Luke Skywalker, his Jedi apprentice. This was the moment that Luke stopped being a student, and instead started slowly transitioning into a jedi master.

I am at that point.

All the other bloggers have been axed off in a horribly made puff of air, and now it is up to me to save the blogging world. Okay maybe it's not that dramatic. There will still be many bloggers out there in the world. And a few of those blogs will be FAR better than mine.

Like Luke, I have much to learn, but that is the best part. The journey is always the best part of getting to your goals. So I invite you all, which at this point is probably an audience of one,(Thanks Luke) on a journey of a life time. I invite you all to be my Leah, my Han, my R2-D2. I invite all of you into my world.

So even though I really don't want to do this, I guess its about time I stop stealing everyone else knowledge, and start sifting through some of my own. Its time to bring all my thoughts, all my ideas, from my mind, to my site....

With A Lot To Learn,


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