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  • Eichel Davis

#TheFinal14 | My AntiChrist

I’m a simple man. I have very few minor irritations. Nails on chalkboards. Vertical video (you try making cinematic videos with those). Slow drivers. The blistering cold. And the occasional annoyance with drunk counterparts. There is nothing unordinary about these. They affect mostly all of us on this giant rock under God’s hand. And like most people, these simple irritations can be overlooked by my eyes. They can be wiped under the day's events, and collect dusk in the backs of my mind. But there is one, one irritation, one frustration, one completely mind boggling thing that will always and forever bother, annoy, and infuriate me.

And that, is complacency.

It’s my antichrist. Now before every goes and labels me a narcissist or the guy that brings apples to his teacher, let me explain.

You should never be full in life. I did not say fulfilled. I said full. You should always be hungry, like a rabid dog toward your dreams and goals and wishes. A little boy played basketball for hours, before he won 6 world championships. Another little girl worked on her tennis swing with no falter before she became the most prolific player of the game. And her sister did the same. A young writer, too poor to afford paper, wrote the first chapters of a story about a wizard named Harry on napkins at her local coffee shop well before it became the biggest phenomenon since another young author tirelessly worked on a screenplay about a war in the stars. These people were hungry. They were in love with their dreams, and irritated heavily by people who weren't. They were allergic to average, to okay. Okay, is one of the worse words in the human dictionary. Its neither bad nor good. Its that dreaded gray area of despair and uncertainty. And it can be damaging.

You see, in my humble simpeton opinion, complacency, and blindness, has caused some of the worlds biggest issues.

It has caused wars.

It has caused depressions.

It has prolonged events.

It has destroyed countries, and unleashed havoc.

And it is responsible for the deaths of thousands of beautiful souls.

You see, it was the desire to be great that made the United States the greatest country in world. We innovated, discovered, pioneered, fought, and progressed at an unparalleled speed. Because we weren’t complacent. And when we were, great men and women righted our ship. We never settled for okay. We can never settle for okay.

It will irritate me. And it should infriate you,

EICHEL | @EichelGDavis

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