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  • Eichel Davis

Dear Christians, Enough Is Enough.

An open letter to the Christian Community...

My faith and being a Christian something I hold very dear to my heart. I love my faith. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. We’re a massive community, a great community. Full of great people, spreading the love of our faith and the preachings of our book throughout the world. We come from all places, all walks of life, and all types of situations. And through all the differences, we are united by our love of Jesus.

But I must come to all of you in a time of wariness, humbly. We are at a crossroads of faith in this country, and it could unravel all the good work that’s been done. While we are Christians, we are also Americans, free to vote and believe and push for all types of agendas. As a diverse faction, we welcome this. We welcome differing ideals. For a time, the republican party was one of the conservative values. They stood for something. But today we live in a new world. This party and its leadership are not the ones of your grandparents or Reagan.

They stand for nothing. And enough is enough.

Too many Christians have let one issue politics blind them to the horrible and quite frankly unchristian nature of the Trumpian age. At a fundamental level, Trump and people like him are a slap in the face to our holy book, and the things we are supposed to stand for. They do not love their neighbors. They do not care about the poor and downtrodden. They have little empathy in their hearts toward people that are different. And they are not set on playing by rules of law or of a moral society. They are an immoral, unpatriotic, apathetic group that needs to be eradicated from our politics and our faith. But too many of us are allowing them to stay in power because they agree with your stance on a single issue.

You don’t have to be a Christian to see the stain they leave on our country. You just have to be a good person, with empathy in your heart, and love on your mind. It breaks my heart seeing Trump signs and stickers next to those proclaiming to love Jesus. Because how can you love Jesus, and support policies and men who actively harm his children?

As Christians, we have to be better. All of us. We have to be better than our ancestors were in the past. Too many times Christians have sat back silently while people were prosecuted, and too many more times we took hand or even spearheaded the prosecution. Today, we allow too many of our friends and family to be disingenuous in their faith, and in their teachings. We allow them to say things and do things and believe things that are not only detrimental to our society but our standing in the world as a religion of love and service. True Christians can not be racist and turn blind eyes to racism and racially motivated discrimination in our deeply racist country. True Christians can not be homophobic and turn blind eyes to homophobia in our country, our schools, and our places of worship. And True Christians have open arms for immigrants, and truly Christian nations have a place for them in their society, instead of trying to shut the door and lock it.

Once more, we are a crossroads, in our country, in our faction, in the history of our faith. History helps us become better than those before us. It calls on us to not make the same mistakes, to evolve, to elevate the standard. The history of Christianity in this country is mixed, to put it mildly. But in the mixed bag of good and evil, we can find a path for the future, one that puts us once again on the right side of the history that is being written right now. I'm not telling you how to vote, or how to live. I’m simply asking you to examine your life and your politics through our sacred book. The whole book, not just segments, and SparkNotes. Because at the end of the day, above all of it, our faith is about love, service, and empathy. And while politics as a whole can be low on those things, Trump and people like him are void of all semblance of any of them.

From an early age, we were presented with the question, What Would Jesus Do?. I present to all of you, in our current age, the same question.



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