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BP #4: Nerds Rule The World. Sorry Bullies

If I was writing this post a few decades ago, it would have been from a locker. A locker that I had been stuffed into so many times, I started to think about adding my own window. I would have probably been an outcast, and the athletes that are all my best friends now, would have been my mortal enemies. But luckily, times change, and now, I have the power to rule of the world. Who am I?

I. Am. The Nerd.

This idea that nerds rule the world, isn’t ground breaking. It’s not like I just invented it while writing this post.

I’m not that talented.

It’s been a notion for about half a decade now. With people like Steve Jobs making being smart, and being innovative a thing that scores major cool points, a whole new generation of us have grown up to be big bad nerds. From the TV Shows we watch, to the fandoms we love, to the social networks we try to dominate, us smart people are starting to carve out the world for ourselves, slowly weeding out the notion that being smart is uncool.

Now in days, to be honest, almost everyone has some degree of nerd in them. Everyone knows how to work a computer, and design really cool things on their computers. Its just the great world we live in. Where even the athletes are nerds. Its a great world, where you can’t tell the difference between the quarterback, and the math club president. And its a world I hope never dies.

Especially becuase in this world, the nerd gets THE girl. Or THE guy. Take that jocks.

Over the last decade, the nerd has been the single most influential person in our world. From the nerd, we have gotten the many of the great things we use today. From Facebook, to Twitter(@EichelMKJ), to the great Instagram(@eicheldavis), we are more connected than ever. And that has spawned great collaborations all across our globe.

(Sorry for the plug. I couldn’t resist).

Then there are our toys. Apple, started by the godfather of the cool nerds, has continuously made some of the hottest products of our lives. From the iPhone, which most of you can't live without, to the Mac, they have continuously given us these great things to play with, and make our lives better.

And who made these products? Alot of computer wizards, and design gurus who probably went through the Dark Years in Nerdom. They probably were loners. They probably were talked about and mocked. And that, is the world’s great irony. Because now, people like them, people like me, and you, WE, rule the world. So sorry bullies, I guess you will have to resort to pushing eachother into lockers.

The Nerd,


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