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BP #5: The Me Me Me Blog Entry

A few years ago, Time Magazine, the crown of news mags these days, wrote an article entitled The Me, Me, Me Generation. The article was about the rise of the Millennials, the worst generation of all time, according to everyone over the age of 55. Time had good points. We are self obsessed. We love to share everything about ourselves. And more importantly, we just dumb. But don’t feel bad my fellow no-bodies, after Time spent 5 pages ranting on how we will probably cause WWIII, they threw us a bone.

According to them, we will most likely save the world too!(Maybe I should retract my previous statement above). You see, they pointed out that we have such a blind faith, that we don't care that the world is on the brink of collapse or that the banks are empty. We still believe we can change the world. We still believe we can make a difference. And in all these contradicting words, I couldn’t help be think of one thing...

Time Magazine wrote an article about me!!!!

You thought I was going to give some great inspirational spiel on how we will conquer the world (That post comes later). As realized that in my opening post, I did not tell you anything about ma self. I gave you a taste of my tone, but nothing bout my inner mind.

So that’s what this post is about. Its all about me, me, me.

1.So where do I start. First off, I was born in the the great city of St. Louis Missouri. Yes Missouri, not Missourah or whatever you think all of us call it. Growing up in St. Louis is a great experience. But we have our challenges and downfalls. We are more than just the Arch I assure you.

2.I went to Westminster Christian Academy for 6 years. Yes, I am a Christian, and I am proud of that fact. Moving on.

3.I am in love with television, so much so it borders on addiction. One Tree Hill is by far my favorite show of all time, but now that it has end its 9-year run, I have found new obsessions to keep my time. From Teen Wolf, which had its best season yet thanks to Dylan Obrien, to The Walking Dead, which is, in my opinion, the best TV Show on air right now. In fact, when Season Five starts, expect a few episode reviews from me, and maybe a few end of season notes as well.

4.Next year, I will be heading to MIZZOU for what will hopefully be the best four years of my life. From its great sports, and greater social scene, Mizzou is sure to inspire a countless number of my blog posts, especially over the next few months as a dive into the abyss of college life.

5.I’m majoring in Meteorology. No I DO NOT have plans to be the next Al Roker, a comparison I have become common to. I don’t know if the skin color thing has anything to do with it. If so...SHAME! I do want to storm chase, so be looking out for some footage of that...or my death notice on the inner web.

6.Lastly, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I am a very young writer. I'm 18 years-old. I can’t even drink yet...legally that is. Created And Written Publications has been around for about 2 years, and I have been writing for around 4. In those four years, I have written six books. In my earlier post, I talked about writing the final Seniors Novel. Seniors was my first book, and saying goodbye to it was painful but necessary. For me to grow as a writer, I needed to move on, and I knew that. Now, I can not wait to transition into some of my greatest years. With the experiences I will have over the next few years of my life, I can only imagine how my writing will be influenced. With the Varsity still having a few years of shelf life left, it will be directly changed from this. It will be different. It will be better.

As you can see I am a very cultured young man, with the knowledge of a God, and the confidence of...Alright enough lying for one day.

To be honest I just do a lot of things, and am interested in a lot of areas. That doesn't make me an expert in any of them; it just makes me a guy with many experiences. Experiences I will now be sharing with all of you.

Well that’s me,


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