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Bp #6: The Morning After

Well its over. My first full day of college came to an end last night. But what a day it was. It was filled with new friends, new laughs, and a few experiences.

Throughout the day, I met many new faces. A group of guys down the hall, (Reed,Jason,Tyler, and Ethan), who I had previous talked to over facebook were a great gang of fellas. I can already tell we’re gonna get along just fine. Plus they have the nicest dorm step up on the floor. But more importantly all of them just started a blog, just like me. It gives us a connection I think. Fellow amatuer bloggers, working our way through the kinks of the business. Even though they are embarking on a sports blog (You can see there stuff here), and I am more of a freestyler, we all are doing the same thing.

Yesterday gave me time to really walk around and discover my dorm, and the people in it. One of the first floor are many of the baseball baseball, including two of my very good high school friends. I met most of them over the summer. What a great bunch of guys. Each of them has their own strong personality. And it makes for good times. Now as Manager, I’m hoping for a greater season.

The second floor aka BEST FLOOR EVER, has many great and interesting souls. There are the girls when you get off the elevator who I know I can count on for fashion advice. There’s two guys who are gonna be the life of every party. There are a few football players, two more baseball players, and a few more normally eccentric people.

The third floor is haunted. I’ve learned that. For all of you living up there, may God be with you.

Moving on.

But the fun really starts after the sun has set on Columbia, Missouri. After failing miserably at XBOX (It was my first time) I went on quite the car ride. After that it was time the Midnight BBQ, one of the biggest events Mizzou host. When I got there, I met a few new people, and ran into a lot of old high school faces. It was nice to know something followed you from home. So after sometime there, a few of us went back to the dorm, hung out for a few more hours, and then, went to bed.

And this has led me here...the morning after. My first night of college is over, and I will never have the experience again. Sure, right now I wish I had maybe down some things a little differently. But those picking are small and trivial because there is so much more to get out of those 24 hours. I know now that friends, really aren't that hard to find. Sometimes you just have to look across the room. I know now that this place will be force me to places that I have never been. And that will be help me grow as a person, and as a human being. But most importantly, I know now that no matter how much you want things to be different, whether its the people you have in your circle, or you yourself, a lot of it will be the same. Sure there will be things that will shock me...maybe scar me for life. There will be things that leaving me questioning my morals, my faith, and my very diverse personality. But at the end of the day, a lot of it will be the same. You will have some of those same friends. You will have some of those same hobbies. You will have that same personality. And while I don’t want to sound like that person who always tells you to just be you, sometimes that all you can be. Sometimes you can't help to be that person.

So as I sit here, with all these thoughts twirling around inside my head, during the morning after my first night of college, listening to a John Mayer song, I ask you this.

Who will you be? What will you change? Who will you touch?

With Twirling Thoughts,


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