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BP #8: King TwittBook of TumblrGram and Our Connected World

Never has the term, “Everyone is doing it” been so right. Social Media has took hold of our lives, consuming hour after hour of our time, and making us check our empty notifications minute after minute. Maybe the empty thing only applies to me. Oh Well.

From Facebook, to Twitter, to Tumblr, which I just got, we have never been a more connected people. Lets drive into the history of these things for a brief moment. Actually so brief, I am going to do it in only 140 characters:

MySpace? Nah. Facebook! Over 1 Billion of us love...Oooo Twitter. I love sharing EVERYTHING, but Oh Insta, how I love sunsets...Vine!

There you go. The short history of Social Media in 140 characters. That’s ma tweet genius at work. As you can see there are many ways that we can stay connected to all of friends, and enemies. And many of us have gained addictions to the great phenom, and I am one of those addicts. And I don’t want any help. In this post I am going to lead you through my serious case of SMA (Social Media Addiction):

Facebook: Social Inception

Oh how I love/hate Facebook. Most days, I love it. But somedays, I want to walk right up to Mr. Zuckerberg, and punch him in the face. This is what most people say about Facebook. At first, it was a place where all the conversation in the world was done. From elections, to tv shows, everything was discussed over Facebook. But over time, as more and more parents, I mean people, getting on, its become very crowded. With over ONE BILLION voices talking at once, it can get a little overwhelming.

But hey who doesn’t gettin caught in deep into the world of Facebook. Its like Inception trying to get back to where you started.

My Info: Eichel Davis. Trust me there’s only one.

Twitter: The Bae

Twitter has given rise to some of the english language’s great words. From Thots, to Baes, to Thotsicles (What the..), Tweeters are a pretty creative bunch. But Twitter greatest contribution was the #Hashtag. This little symbol has been etched into every corner of our lives. To song titles, to multimillion dollar ad campaigns, the power of the hashtag is greatly undervalued.

And that goes for Twitter as a whole. Twitter, out of all the accounts I have, is the most powerful. Its reach when it comes to events and to our lives is hard to match. When a major event happens, people go to Twitter first. With its short and to the point mission, we have a great opportunity to be a new breed of news reporters. The Social Reporter.

My Info: @EichelGDavis

MySpace: ?

Moving On.

My Info: Next to my BEBO password.

Insta(Gram): 5 Billion Strong

I’ve been told I take too many pictures. But what’s the harm of a few thousand photos. The only thing it hurts is my iPhone memory. (Note to self. 32GB next time) Instagram is a fairly new comer to the social media game, but it didn’t take long for it to rack up 200 Million active users. Over 5 billion pictures have been shared in the last three years! That’s like..a lot. But I think the really great thing about Insta is that it allows its users to tell their story without using words, and it makes the viewer figure out the story by analyzing the photo. From vacations, to funerals, to the odd #aftersexselfie, this site allows us to mold and express who we are, what we stand for, without a single word. And that it something incredible.

My Info: @eichelgdavis

Tumblr: I Don’t Get It

To be honest, I’m still trying to get used to tumblr. In fact I am looking for someone to help me understand it because as this moment, I see Tumblr as a place for me to see GIFs and Teen Wolf Fandom. But hey, I who doesn’t love Evil/Void Stiles GIFs all day long? (This guy does)

My Info: EichelMKJ

Vine: Six Seconds of Paradise. (Sounds Like Something Else I’ve Heard Of)

Alright guys. I'm gonna be honest. I have posted a handful of vines, and they all sucked so bad, they would make Matt and Matt (Vine Stars) wet themselves in laughter. But luckily there are many people with way too much time on their hands. And to you all, I say thank you.

My info: Eichel Davis (Again, only one).

As you can see, the world is full of ways for us to express ourselves, and stay connected to culture outside of ours. And while many think social media is a waste of time and energy, I strongly believe that it has the power to shape our current generation. It has the power to make them more aware, more sensitive, and just a more cultural people. Because one of the worlds greatest threats is an uninformed public. And I think as we tweak and perfect Social Media, it will change everything.

Your King TwittBook of TumblrGram,


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