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  • Eichel Davis

BP #10: High School| Did It Mean Anything?

Now before you jump down my throat about the headline, hear me out. Before you start saying I did nothing to make high school memorable, listen to what I have to say. Know the facts.

As I told you, I went to Westminster Christian Academy, a large but small private school of 1000 students. It was a predominately white school, and I, of course, am an African American. But the community of Westminster was one of inclusion, and diversity.

I was very well known at school. I had a lot of friends, and even a few fans. I was very heavily involved in my school. I held the positions of Class President, Treasurer, Student Council Member, and Student Council Vice President. I was in Spirit Club and a founding member of Movie Club.

I managed Football and Baseball, two of my greatest joys.

But my two biggest accomplishments were Newspaper and Student Govt. I wrote countless stories for my paper, and during my senior year, I helped redesign the entire paper from scratch. It was one of the greatest times in my life.

There was one story though that stirred up a record amount of discussion, dislike, and change. During my Junior Year I wrote a story about why my school needed a Student Government. Well the school’s admin did not take too kindly to the article...or the follow up one I wrote about it. Soon I became known as the guy trying to change/disrupt the system, depending on who you talked to. But after months of campaigning, over 120 signatures, and lots of typing, I had founded a Student Government.

So I did a lot in High school. I accomplished a lot. I changed a lot. But now I sit here, in a college dorm, wondering did it all mean anything. Did the countless hours of work mean anything here at MIZZOU. No one here knows I wrote for my paper. No one knows I founded a few clubs, or a whole freaking Student Government. The only thing they know me for is me, the new person I have become over the last few years. They know about baseball, of course. They know about the blog and the books. And at this point, thats about it. Everything else fell by the wayside.

So again I ask the question. Was it worth it?

Well without Football and Baseball Managing, I wouldn’t have the awesome set up I do now. Without Student Government, I would not be pursuing a minor in Political Science. Without all those political races and positions, I wouldn’t know what victory, and defeat, feel like. Without my amazing friends, I wouldn't have been able to stay strong, and steady throughout it all. And without newspaper, without the great tools I learned, my writing wouldn’t be anything like it is now.

So while it’s easy to write High School off as just 770 days of your very long life, think about how it shaped you. Think about how it made you who you are today. Because high school, as of now, is the single most defining period in your life. It’s where you found your niche, or for some its where you decided who you didn’t want to be. Whatever it be, you can’t just write high school as a number of days.

So as much as you want to separate yourself from it, High School, while in the past, has never meant so much. It’s never been more relevant.

Starting the Debate,


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