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  • Eichel Davis

CWPress Release #1: Varsity 2 Official Announcement

Hello Creators! Its #VDay 2014, and we are on the verge of some big things. We are less than four months from a HUGE book release involving our new flagship series! So here are a few details.

Basic Book Information:

In 2013, the release of the Varsity: Darkness of the Light introduced a whole new chapter to Created And Written Publications. It introduced a new era, and a whole new set of roads. And in the latter part of 2014, we are going to explore that road. Darkness introduced a many overarching factors. And now in Varisty 2, we will dive head first into those themes, and find closure on many of them.

The official title, The Varsity: Heroican War, reflects the books focus on the Heroicans and their rise of stature, and how it leads the Varsity to their impending battle.

Over Shadowing Plot Points:

As eluded to by the cliffhanger, a large plot point of the book will be about the aftermath of the battle. James is on the loose, and is now hunting Jensen, Gale, and Nick. He has never been more cunning, or more dangerous. But also in this book, I will explore the changes in the boys, and how they are affected by their trials.

Another major and overarching point is the expanded history of the Heroicans. The Varsity name origin will also be explored.

Also, one of the smaller points in the book will leave even more questions, and the possibility for more books in the future. But, as I did with Seniors, Varsity 2 will come to a definite close as I plan to take a break after this book to explore other projects.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the promise I made in VDay teasers. It is true. ONE OF THE VARSITY WILL DIE in this book. And it might not be the one you think. It’ll hit home. It’ll make your heart ache.

And to end, I say this. I have only two goals with this book. One. I want to explore and open up the world around the Varsity, so that I can better equip myself with future storylines. And Secondly, I want to up the ante by 1000. In Varsity, the stakes were high, but reasonably personal. But in this book, the stakes are high for a much larger group of people. Thank You, and talk soon.

Eichel Davis

CEO and Founder of Created And Written Publications.


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