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  • Eichel Davis

BP #12: Sun Don't Shine

This week has presented itself with a number of challenges and misfortunes. First off, my two cousins gave birth to their first child. No they are in no way related. This is not the Virginian Valley. I am just very close to both of them. But their child came two months early, and with it came complications. And while everything has worked out, it hasn't stopped me from worrying. And secondly, and more long term, one of best friends was injured. This comes only weeks after he made his full recovery from his first season ending injury. I know he is going through things. I watched him go through it the first time, and it was hard. Having him go through it again, is going to be break my heart. It hurts. And I ask for you to keep all of them in your thoughts.

So as I sit here, writing this, the pain, and the anger, is still inside me. It still rages in me So I ask the Big Man,

“Was I Made to suffer?”

It’s a question we all ask ourselves when we go through trials, and trying times. Whether its a car breaking down, or a family member dying, or an unforeseen injury, we are always left wondering simply...Why me. And I don’t try to have an end all answer to the question. I don't have the definite answer to our suffering, and our pain, and our misfortune.

But I do offer these words for you.

The world will test you. It will try its best to break you. And when it seems like you cannot make another step...keep going.

I’m not telling you that happiness lies at the end of all of our tunnels. I’m pretty sure as I writing this the big bad guy downstairs already has some more terror for me. I know I will have more suffering. I know I will be broken many more times in my life.

But the best part about broken things, is that you get to replace them with new things. I know my friend will come out stronger than he already is. You see, you get to replace the old you, with a newer, better, and stronger you. You get a chance to change.

And change is life’s greatest gift.

There was a time in my life where it seemed the walls around me were going to break, and crush me. It seemed like the sun would never shine again. But as always, the Darkness is always darker when you're in the middle of the storm.

So I tell you this, at a time that I feel a little down. Life, is never going to be easy. Its never going to be a breeze. Even your friends lives, who look perfect to you, have their brokenness. But everyone loves a good comeback story. Everyone will love YOUR comeback story. So just keep going, even in the times when it seems the Sun Don’t Shine.

Looking Toward A New Day,


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