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  • Eichel Davis

BP #14: Late Night Little Talks

A few nights ago, me and friend of mine were studying for our history test. It was in the latter hours of the days. I didn’t have the class the next day so I am definitely up for some late night studying. Me and Liz are in the same FIG class here at the ZOU. We had hung out other times, which included watching an awful romantic comedy with two of her great friends.

But that night, sitting in the that first floor lounge, we had our first Late Night Little Talk. We talked about our FIG, history class, and then somehow we got to my major. I’m majoring in Meteorology but I was telling her how I missed my social and design presence that I had in high school. I showed her my high school creative portfolio. From the 30 stories I wrote for my paper, to the thousands of picture I took, to the countless pages I designed, and she raised an interesting question.

“Why the hell are you in Meteorology?”

To my credit, I have been asking myself that question for about a week now. So I gave her my normal answer. It’s been my major since 4th grade, and I love the thrill of weather. Well, Liz being the great person she is, decided I needed to find something that combined all of my skills into one successful career. I told her my three dream jobs. Being a Social Producer for a Political Figure. Being a Marketing and Social Media Rep for a Major League Baseball team. And Finally, being an "Inside the storm" person.

She raised the point, that I had never thought about. Why am I so stuck on one thing, when my talents can lead me to so many more places.

Throughout the rest of the night, we laughed, and joked, and had great conversations. Two of my buddies Brett and Alex even joined us for a moment. And when the night was over, we said goodnight, and went to bed.

Late nights like these have become more common in my college experience, and I am starting to realize really quickly that these times, these Late Night Little Talks, are what college is made for. It’s what our experiences are made of. I don’t know, but its something about the fall of night, and a couple of people you trust to make you really open up and have a conversation. And thats when you really get to know people. You get to know their dreams, and their goals...and their worries. You get to know them for them, not for the person you think is them.

So with that said, wait till the sun goes down. Wait will half the hall has gone to bed. Then get to talking.

To Those Late Nights,


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