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BP #15: Why the Cardinals will probably make it back to the World Series

Its no secret that the Cardinals pray to every God there ever was. At least that’s what every other baseball team in the country says. Even being from St. Louis and being a die hard Cards fan, I sometimes think they have some monk locked in a closet praying for twelve hours a day.

But no. Its just the Cardinals, being themselves, using their farm system as well as their old faithfuls to fight their way into the playoffs. And while they have been a little rough this year, there is nothing that should make you think they won’t be in the World Series this year. Because of all the things they have against them, they have much more going FOR them:

Their Talent

While the Cardinals haven’t really had the hitting ability they have had in the past, they still have a large amount of talent on their team. Matt Adams isnt called Big City for nothing, and Matt Carpenter has always been the guy to call on when it matters most. And who can forget about Matt Holliday.Then their are new comers like Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras who have both added depth to an already great Cardinal team. Then there’s the pitching. Adam Wainwright is in the midst of a record-setting season, and while Wacha is still recovering from injury, no one can forget the young phenom. Lance Lynn and Shelby Miller have had stellar years, and we picked up a great trade in Lackey. And we can always count on Trevor Rosenthal to close us out.

Their Manager

Everyone knew it would be hard for anyone to follow in the Hall of Fame footsteps of Tony LaRussa. In walks young Mike Matheny. Matheny had played for the Cardinals and had coached them after his retirement. So while many in St. Louis thought it was a natural move, many more on the outside thought the Cardinals had made a mistake. But now, three years into it, and three years into the postseason, Matheny has gotten everyone on board with his methods. Mike has proven to be a great match for a great organization, as they just renewed his contract through 2017.

Their Farm System

How the hell do they do it? I ask myself this question every season when it seems out of nowhere comes this star from the Cardinals. Last year it was Wacha. In 2011 it was Freese. And while it wasn’t as clear this year, there were still players that broke out for the Cardinals and got the job done. Peralta’s made a large contribution this season and postseason, and so have players like Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk.

Their City

St. Louis is America’s best sports town, and I will argue that point to my grave. We’re faithful to our Rams, we hope for our Blues, and we put our playoff dreams in our Cardinals. While our love and display of our love is year around, Cardinal-Mania hits hard every year in September and goes till the end of October. From your small neighborhood stores to the large box stores like Wal-mart and Macy’s, every one of them is showing their Cardinal Pride.

Their Fans

Best Fans in baseball. Enough said. For more points, see previous paragraph.

Their Way(Tradition)

I don’t know why everyone hates “The Cardinal Way”. First off, its not what you think. It’s not us being cocky. Its not us saying we are better than everyone...well.

I kid. I kid.

The Cardinal Way is this simple. Its doing things the right way. Playing the game because you love it. And cherishing every moment of it. In a way, the Cardinal Way is really just the way of baseball. But this saying, this way of play has produced these great seasons time and time again. Its produced 11 World Series championships, countless .500 seasons, and 19 National League Pennants. So really there is no reason, when you consider the factors, that we shouldn't keep adding to those figures.

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