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  • Eichel Davis

BP #16: Walking Dead S5 Premiere: Things Go Boom. People Unite. And HE returns.


The first few minutes of the premiere were probably the most horrifying yet awesome minutes of any premiere so far. There was suspense, and blood, and of course death. Boy was there death. As Terminus leaders lined up our heroes (Rick, Bob, Glen, and Daryl) along with a few others others, we knew bad things were coming. As Rick peers to the end of the trough, he sees Sam, our friend from early Season Four. But the reunion is short lived, as Sam in quickly knocked out, and his throat slit. When it comes to Glen’s turn to die, as always, things intervene. Then again, things intervene. I’ve just accepted that Glenn will never die, until he dies. Comic Book fans know what I’m talking about.


We then cut to Carol, Judith, and Tyreese. Fresh off their experiences in “The Grove” they run into a Termite (Resident of terminus), who tells them that Michonne and Carl are trapped in the group. She leaves Tyreese and Judith to go after them. While the Termite is tied up. He drops one of the best monologues of the show. It goes something like this:

“I remember watching football on Sundays. I remember going to church. It was routine. But its funny. I can’t picture it now. I’ve been through so much shit, I can’t picture it anymore.”

Thats a heavy quote, and I feel this is what this season might be about. At this point, the survivors rarely reminisce about the home they had before everything hit the fan. I’m really excited for this theme of, Can’t go back, be played out over the season.


Carol makes it to Terminus, and isnt a very good guest, as she sets fire to most of it, disrupts everything, including our heroes over the trough’s demise. Its at this point that we see Ricks true brutality come out for the first time of season. He quickly kills his two captures by stabbing them a stake in the neck. I am really enjoying this new Rick. For four seasons he has struggled with his leadership, but now it seems he is finally accepted that he is suppose to lead. And I think he has also accepted that he can have his brutality. And that is awesome.


Finally. Its a season too late, but finally. Caroll and Daryl. Rick, Carl, and Judith. Tyreese and Sasha. It was an emotional few moments of reunions for the last few minutes there. Of all of them, Coral and Daryls stood out to me the most. Daryl was so full of joy, he could barely stand. I don’t know if he shedded tears. I mean, Daryl can only cry once a season, so it would be pretty early to waste the cry.


Alright guys. We have been teased for TOO LONG. Scott Gimple you dirty dog. Morgan made his grand reveal at the very end of the episode, causing twitter to explode. Morgan is my favorite tease character. And in reality, he’s the only tease character now that the Governor is dead. I don’t know what is planned with his return, but I know it will be awesome. And if we judge by the comics, it will be.


This is was a great season opener, with lots of action, but also a lot of emotional depth. It had its explosions, and its heart tugging moments. It will be interesting to see how Gareth will come back into the fold, as we know he is to be a regular this season. Also, as the group heads to DC, I wonder how long it will be until Eugene will be discovered. Because we all know he’s a cheap little liar. I hope he dies.




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