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CWPress Release #2: Varsity 2 Details

Hey guys! Its been almost two months since I told you about our great new addition. The Varsity 2, officially titled Varsity: Heroican War, is coming before the end of the year, and is posed to bring the Varsity to whole new level. This won’t take long, so lets jump right into it.


For Part One, the basic plot is this. The Varsity are being hunted down by James, who is growing stronger by the day. But as the Varsity are visited by their ancient ancestors, they learn many things about their history. But they are also let in on a secret. They are not born with their full powers. They have to earn them. As they go a journey to find the answer to their new question, James is gaining on their trial. And before long, he finds them, and unleashes mayhem on their whole town, leaving the Varsity with no choice but to go into battle, far outgunned.

Now, to give you guys Part Two plot, would give away major spoilers for the first part. But know this. Just because James is the ruler of the Darkness, that doesn’t mean he’s the most frightening thing that lives there. He’s not the worst of them.


Here are Chapter Titles for Part One. Enjoy the Gift!

01| Hunted

02| A New Normal

03| The Others

04| The Great Oak

05| When The Past Glows Bright

06| Waiting. Pouncing.

07| The Blood Of Our Own

08| Crash

09| The Rise Of The Heroicans

10| Fear Thy Brother

11| Equilibriums

12| The Prophecy

13| Our Fallen


Now this video has been online for almost 6 months now. But I think it has new meaning, now that I am offically, on the record, saying its the first Varsity Teaser.

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