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  • Eichel Davis

BP #20: 20 Ways You Know You Are In A Bromance

It happens to the best of us. You’re cruising along, and then you catch feelings. But not for a girl, but for a bro. No not in that way (But thats cool too). You are now in a bromance. But if you are in denial, here are 20 ways to know you are in bromance.

1.You Have A Special Song

Whenever it comes on, nothing in the world matters. Its time to belt it to the top of your lungs. And yes, you will hit those high notes perfectly.

2.You Text Them Whenever You See Something Awesome Like Your Life Depends On It

She’s hot. That was awesome when. I just saw that guy we hate. No matter what it is, when something happens, your bro with know about it before anyone else.

3.You’re Snapchat Game Is On Point

A fairly new tool is the building of the Bromance, if you are true bro, your snapchats will always be sent to the other. Its just how it works.

4.You Miss Them When They Are Gone

While you said you would be okay while he went to class, you feel an undeniable void in your heart. So when he moves away for school...its too painful to talk about. But the LDB(Long Distance Bromance) will always last. Though the next time you see each other, their will be tears.

5.You Finish Each Others Sentences

“My favorite candy is” “Skittles. His favorite candy is Skittles.” “...Its true.”

Some of your Conversation WILL go like this. Embrace it.

6....And Sometimes Sandwiches

There is only two people you will give that last bite to. Your Mom. And Your Bro. One wiped your butt. The other wiped your tears when that girl broke your heart. Each its own.

7.You Have Your Inside Jokes

If someone says something completely normal, and only you two start cracking up, you have an inside joke. In fact, if you’re true bros, you most likely have many.

8.You Watch The Same Netflix Shows

If your Netflix Queues are twins, so are you two.

9.You Know Its A Bad Idea, But You Still Do It

Both of you are now in the back of a cop car. But you will laugh about it after the sentence.

10.Your Parents (And Friends) Question Your Um...Preferences

Just because you all have seen each other naked, doesn’t mean anything. Neither does the fact you publicly hug. Or the fact you all have cute nicknames for each other. Its all normal.

11.Because You All Are Always Over Eachothers House

Its an unspoken rule in the house that the room in the basement is actually not a guest room, but your room.

12.Verbal Abuse. Encouragement. Same Thing.

So what if you tear each other down. You two know its all fun and games.

13.You Know Your Man Dates Beat The Real Thing

There is nothing better than going to the movies together. Or to that party. Or just for a stroll around town. Hell, you might as well go to mall while you’re out. Its just the way of the Bro.

14.You Know Where He Is...At All Times

He might be all the way on the other side of the country, but you surely know what he’s doing right now.

15.You’ve Had Great Late Night Little Talks

Real bros tell each other pretty much everything. And nothing is greater than talking for hours about your life. From the good, to the bad.

16.You Play Video Games...for 10 Hours Straight

There is nothing better than building a dynasty in NCAA Football.

17.You Get Jealous Of The Side Bro While you know you are the most important, that Side-Bro does not sit well with you. He needs to find his own bro to start a relationship with.

18.You Know When You First Saw Each Other

Like it was yesterday, you know the first time you laid eyes on each other. You know it was love at first sight, or first fistbump.

19.You WILL Cuddle at some point

Nothing beats the embrace of a bro. Nothing.

20. You Have No Problem Saying I Love You Wherever You Are

Finally, and most importantly, you will make sure the world knows about your bromance. You’ll shout it from the top of the building, Superbad style. From your other friends, to your girlfriend, everyone knows about your bromance. And that the best part of it. The bond you all will share. From the good, to the bad, everything you all go through together will just make you stronger. It’ll make the bond tighter, and the stories legend. You see them at your wedding, and they see you at theirs.

From the birth of their children, to the sad death of one of their own, they will expect you to be their for all the big moments.

And you will be.



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