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  • Eichel Davis

BP #23: LOVE. Four Little Letters. One BIG Word

So I went on Instagram the other day, and saw something that warmed my heart to its core. Two of my good friends, we'll call them Sarah and Zach, have been together for a long time, and I have always admired their love story for its simpleness. Anyway he had went off to play hockey in Canada, and she went to college at Oklahoma. They hadn’t seen each other in almost 5 months, and he came home over Thanksgiving. When they saw each other, Sarah jumped into his arms, shedded tears, and felt her love in her arms again. She posted a picture of this moment on Instagram for the world to be jealous of, and it worked.

Love is something I think about pretty often throughout the day, because I think it takes so many forms. From romantic love, to brotherly love, love is one of most complex yet simple things in human nature. Think about it. What makes you fall in love? Romantic love is type of love we often think about first. Its something we all strive for, everyday of our lives. No I’m not saying that we go around looking for it like animals every second of everyday. But I think subconsciously, every time we see someone we find attractive or find their personality appealing, we think “Could I fall in love with this person.”

Falling in love is something completely different than just loving someone. You love you best friend. You love your mother, and your family. You love your children. You are IN LOVE with your spouse or significant other. I don’t think I have ever truly been in love to the point where I can only think about that person. But I think I have experienced different part of being in love with someone. And it was insane, the way they can come into your life, and flip everything upside down, and yet, you don't care. Because you are in love with them. You are a mess that does not want to be fixed.

But going back a little bit, I think one of more underrated forms of love, is the love between proverbial brothers and sister. I’m talking about those friends who you really consider to be family, who you really consider to be your “brother/sister”. These bonds sometimes get the reputation for being fake, or insincere. But I firmly believe that it's through these types of bonds that you grow the most. Not only do these people often hold you accountable, they also show you that you can love another human being that is not your family. I can’t tell you how much I care for the people who fall into this group. They are very select, but man, do I love everyone of them, boy and girl. No, I am not afraid to say I love another guy. No one ever should be if its the truth.

Now this leads me to the most basic form of love in our culture. The love we share between our family members. Now I know many of us want to kill our families after being around them for extended periods of time, but we all love at least one member of our family. From cousins, to grandmothers, to mothers, we have an unconditional love for these people because they have always been there for us. From the time we were born, these people took care of us, and loved us unconditionally.

So who knew that four little letters arranged a certain order could hold such power. Historically love, and lovers, have influenced many of the worlds greatest historic events. Jesus loved his people. Julius Ceasar loved power. Steve Jobs loved his work. Mother Teresa loved the sick. And Martin Luther King was in love with a cause. Love might be the single most important thing in history. So lets not play with it. Lets take it seriously, and seek it out.

In Love With You Guys,


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