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BP #25: First Semester. Where the Moments, Became The Memories

Well...that went fast. 25 blogposts in. 7 football games attended. Countless trips to Dirty Dobbs. Whole allowances spent at Subway. It was gone in an instant, my first semester of college, but boy was it filled some of my favorite memories, and many relationships. To football games, to those late night little talks, Mizzou has already proven to be the place of dreams. While I was in school, the actual classroom aspect of the experience was pretty small. Instead it was in the time spent in the dorm, and off campus that became the core of my college experience over the last few months. Like These...


There is nothing like it. The sounds of the crowds. The black and gold. The sense of great community. Mizzou Football provided some of the greatest memories of the semester. Football is something that I have always loved, but I will admit I never thought I would love it this much. I didn’t think I would get so invested. I cherish the wins, and remember the losses, and everything that happened in between. I’m also very thankful for the freshmen football players that I got to know over the course of the year. Kevin and Paul, you’re my boys. Looking forward to seeing you all grow.


I wrote earlier that college was all about the late nights. And as I continued through this semester, I realized more and more how true that was. Almost every memory I have was made after the sun went down. And it wasn’t because people changed in the darkness. No, its because for a moment, it seemed like the world would go away. It seemed that the problems that plagued us during the day, had been put away for the night. And it was time to get to talking, get to spending time with the people you cared about.

From Riley, Reed, Jason, and Tyler, to “The Girls” as we called them, everyone provided something toward the conversation. And thats how South Hall really is. You have such a great variety of poeple. From everyday guys, to Journalism buffs, to the star athletes, South allowed me to grow close with all of them.

And these times, that would lead to late nights, and very early mornings, have become priceless.


This a personal opinion of mine, but I think relationships are the core of life. When I write, I make sure that the relationships are strong because they make a book. So just like my books, the people I met and the bonds I made, became the biggest thing with my life here. Many of those relationships even followed me from high school. People like my friends Shane, Brett, Jordan, Nick, and Sam are people who followed me from high school. Then there is baseball, with all the freshmen, especially a kid named Alex, have instantly become staples of my college life. A few of the upperclassmen have joined those ranks as well. Off the baseball field, in South Hall, was where the majority of my newer friendship were made. With Jason, I'll remember the constant and very entertaining sports talks. No one knows sports like this guy. Trust me. Reed was the first person I ever met at Mizzou, and that in itself helped us form the great bond we have. I can not wait to live with the guy next year. The provided their own personality, their own flare to the dynamic. Tyler. Oh Tyler. This guy is insane, it the greatest of ways. He says what he wants, and that has made for some great times. But after everything, he one of the nicest guys I know. I'm sure as we continue this journey, we will contnue to be close. And lastly, I can say that Riley was the wildcard. We met the first day, and quickly became pretty great friends. It was almost instant, which is something I did not expect. In high school, frienships took time, but here, they happen over night. I can already tell that this guy is gonna be around. I won't call it a bromance just yet, but...Most of the people previously mentioned are still very much part of my group of friends I have made here. But there have been newcomers like Rachel, Liz, Lexi, and Bree that have come along in the months since that post. And I am thankful for all of them.

But, now its over. First semester is in the books, and out of the way. Was it challenging at times? Of course. Sometimes, I felt pretty overwhelmed, but thats all part of a new environment. In time the feeling passes, trust me.

Filled with great parties, and quiet nights, I think I can get used to this college thing.

I think can get used to the growing pool of brothers and sisters.

I think I can get used the Late Night Little Talks.

I think I can get use to the good ole ZOU.

Happy Holidays,

Eichel Davis

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