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  • Eichel Davis

BP #30: God Doesn't Want Pawns. He Wants Soldiers

I can’t help it. I’m religious to my soul. I have been my whole life. Grew up with it. I have grown in it, especially through the trails in my life, and the lives of my friends. Over the past month, curveballs have become the norm. They have become an everyday thing in my life. From my friends dealing with demons, to unexpected events putting strains on my family, life has not been going the way I wanted it to. It has left me questioning my faith. But not in the way you might think.

I’m not questioning the basis of Christianity right now. I have done that, and come out the other side. Right now I am questioning whether we are meant to suffer. I know it sounds kind of dark, but its a thought I have all the time. Even though I believe that my life has been comfortable compared to many, I still have been through a lot of suffering. I can’t even remember all the times. But I know they happened by the scars they left. By the growth they inspired inside of me.

Over this last set of trials, shock has played a much bigger part than most. The events have come out of nowhere. The thing that gets me more than anything is the suffering of my friends. Add these two together, its been harder than normal. Its been harder to stay strong. I have stayed strong for so long, and I think even the strongest need to break, in order to grow. Because it’s always when you are at your lowest, you rise your highest. Its always at that point that you realize your true strength.

So I went through these steps, and continue to go through them, I came to one of my best realizations.

God Does Not Want Pawns. He Wants Soldiers.

It’s a simple idea really. God always took his strongest through the hardest things. People like Moses, and Paul, and Jesus. They all were dragged through a lot of stuff. And in the end, that’s one of the biggest stories of all of Christianity. The comeback formula per say.

One goes through things. They fall. They question. They rise. They analyze. They grow stronger.

But even knowing this, it does not make easy. It doesn’t make seeing your friends go through things easy. I doesn’t make the crap easy. And it certainly doesn’t make the fall better. If anything its harder to get up every time. But we have to get up don’t we? We have to dust ourselves off, pick up our swords, and march forward, as soldiers.

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