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BP #31: 5 Things Coming to St. Louis Sports In 2015

At its core St. Louis is a sport town. Some say its the best sports town (Thanks Mr. Selig). So with so many sports, the year is filled with big events, and big time games. From the Cardinals playoffs runs, to the Blues dominating the regular season, St. Louis is a sports town at its core. Here are five things to expect this year from the Lou.

For Oscar

Tragedy struck the Cardinals, and the entire St. Louis family, in October. Upcoming star and fan favorite Oscar Taveras was killed in a car crash along with his girlfriend. The loss sent shockwaves through the Cardinals Organization, and left a hole in many ways. So by time the season starts, the wounds will still be fresh. So expect the Cardinals to honor their fallen teammate throughout the season. The club announced that a patch will be worn all season to remember Tavares. And would assume they will have some type of honor for him on opening day at home, and maybe away against the Cubs. On a personal note, I know that I will feel that pain everytime I watch a game, or step into that stadium. I will feel it for years to come.

Rams’ Final Curtain Call

An entire nation of football fans seem to be peering over at St. Louis. For almost two years, the Rams relocation has loomed over the team, but recently the situation has started to become active. The Rams owner has his mind set to move to Los Angeles, buying land and drawing plans for a stadium. The city of St. louis hasn’t sat around watching this happen. The Governor of Missouri and the mayor of St. Louis commissioned a group to draw up plans for a new riverfront stadium, costing around 900 million dollars. So everything is at a crossroads, with every piece of news shifting the balance toward staying or going. St. Louisians want their team to stay, and they will fight to keep them. We will have to see if it pays off.

Blues Playoff...Sprint, Run, Something?

Sweet dear St. Louis Blues. Oh how I love you. And oh how you have won the first two games against the Blackhawks only to lose the rest. I would really love for this trend to end. And so would the rest of your fans. The Blues are a force to reckon with, and teams know that. They have depth and have been adding to their roster all season. Expect another playoff run for the Blues. How far they get is up for debate. But I think they’re tired of losing to the likes of Chicago every year.

Another Cardinals’ Postseason

Of all the things on this list, this one should come to no surprise. A post season without the Cardinals hasn’t existed in a long time, and don’t expect to change anytime soon. Partnered with great returning and up and coming talent, and the drive mentioned above, the Cardinals will be very lethal this year. Baseball is too fickle of a game to guarantee them a spot in the World Series, but it would not surprise me or anyone else if they ended up there. Teams should and do take warning.

Soccer In The Lou

St. Louis is considered the home of professional soccer in the US. In 1907 the St. Louis Soccer League became the first fully professional soccer team in the country. But St. Louis is now looking to expand into the MLS. Over the years, several attempts have been made and all over failed. But in recent years, with rising interest, and a built in fanbase, St. Louis is seeming more and more like a viable option for a team. In my opinion, not only would a team be stable, it would thrive.

Look Forward,


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