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  • Eichel Davis

BP #34: Under The Lights Of Taylor

Before the lights are turned on, before the players take the field, I have to say something. I have to proclaim something to the world. From the moment we started in the fall, Mizzou Baseball was meant to be great. We were always meant to succeed. It was instilled in everything we did from that first hot day in August.

From being around the program almost everyday, I got the opportunity to see things many of you didn’t. I got to see players come in at 7 am to get in extra swings. I got to see coaches sit down at their desk at 6am and leave them at midnight. I’ve gotten to see the smile on player’s faces when they get it. I’ve gotten to see the unbelievable bonds that hold the team together. More than anything, I got to see that. And I would not trade that for anything. Those memories, those small moments, are priceless.

And of all these moments, the best was when each member of our community shared their whys. From managers to players to coaches, everyone shared with us why they were apart of Mizzou Baseball. I wrote about the idea in my last blog post in broader sense. A lot of them said family. Some of them said their dreams. A few of them said that their failures motivated them to become more. But the most important part of all this was the fact all of them had a reason to be here. They all had a reason to want greatness. And a team is only as good as its parts, all its parts.

So tomorrow when I walk through the gates of Taylor, I wont be thinking about the game, or the opponent. I wont be thinking about our record, or the standing we hold. I’ll only have one thing on my mind. We made it to this moment. All the early mornings, late nights, all the incredible friendships I made. It all led here, Opening Day at Taylor Stadium. So come out tomorrow, take in the sight and sounds of college baseball, and most of all, enjoy the moment. You made it.

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