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CWPress Release #4: Safe Haven

2015 is getting underway quite nicely kind of like my new book. As I said before, this year will only have one book released through traditional publishing methods. But as I have thought about it, a new sector of the blog might allow me to put out one more project, in the form of a serial. It would be a whole new step in my journey. I will keep all of you updated on that. Now on to the main event: SafeHaven is coming FALL 2015.


For the past few months, I have been referring to my new book as simply Safe Haven. But I would like to tell you today that the official title of the book will be Safe Haven West Of Nowhere. To market this book I will still the #SafeHaven. The title will play a very large part in the story, given that the soldiers will be out of the road for a small but very significant part of the story. Its in that part that their true natures come out to play.


As much as I want to tell you all the whole plot of this book, I just can’t but. But know that it follows a group of five soldiers, Carter, Mellie, Ethan, Zach, and Seth, as they go to war in Germany, now part of the Allied powers. But when their camp is compromised, they must fight their way out of enemy territory while also fighting themselves and their decaying mental states. The book will take place not just in Germany, but in Britain, The Gulf, and the Northeast. It will be a wild ride

If I could use one word to describe each character it would be:

Carter - Leader

Ethan - Intelligent

Mellie - hardened

Seth - inmature

Zach - unstable

Thats a look inside the minds of the characters. All of these emotions will come into play throughout the book and the amazing storylines I have for you guys to enjoy. That’s it for today, but expect another update very soon. Might even get a release date, or a video, or both. Wink Wink.

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