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  • Eichel Davis

BP #35:Why I Need To Believe In The Dream

I believe in the dreamer and the dream. The money, the fame...the girl. The new bike. The new car. The cookie cutter American dream. Dreams are endless. And, even if only for a moment, they can make the world seem distant. It’s easy to dream of a better time. But a dream has only two endings. Either you wake up, dust off the world you left behind, and continue on your merry little way, or the dream becomes your reality.

In the summer of 2013 I went out of town, trading the urban jungle of St. Louis for the peace and quiet of a small Pennsylvania town. I traded the asphalt and skyscrapers, for mountains and starry nights. I had been there for a only a day, and when I fell onto my bed, I began to think. You see I had been preparing to write my next novel, and was up against the seemingly unbeatable foe known as writers block. So as I laid there, with the moonlight shining through my window, and the cool breeze swallowing up my room, I began to imagine a world. Slowly the world became bigger and bigger, and soon I had a town. The town had a school, and a hospital, and many other small buildings. This place that didn’t exist merely a few minutes before, was now a place I called home. I could close my eyes and feel the wind blowing through my town. I could see the people, the houses, even the bedrooms in which my character laid their heads. But then, without notice, my phone rang, and the world disappeared in the hazy landscape of my mind.

When I closed my eyes again that night, the world was gone. I went back to dreaming about falling and being killed in a horror movie. Those few feeble moments faded into the fun and joy of my week in the small town of State College. The world would return to me in the following days, and as it was happening. There seemed to be nothing special about it. But as time went on, that dream, that moment in time, would shape the future of my writing.

We all have dreams. Some are in our grasps, but some are not. But while we all have dreams, not all of us are dreamers. A dreamer prefers to dwell in the comfort of their mind. And a dreamer can also be dangerous, when they forget that a world outside of their mind exists. They can be ignorant to the problems around them. They can destroy themselves. But rely on dreamers. We rely on the progress they bring, the changes they make, and the itution for greatness they have. We crave their god-like imaginations.

At the end of the day, we all have a choice when it comes to our dreams. We could let our dreams die. We could let the world consume our mind, and let the status quote determine our path. Or, we go after them, full heartedly. We can rebel against what the world has set for us, and try to carve out our little nook in this world. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams, whether rich or poor, whether black or white, whether foreign and homeborn. We all want to conquer the world.

In a perfect world, all of our dreams would come true. But then we would have ten lottery winners and millions of billionaires. So all of us need to realize how precious a dream is. We need to come to terms with the fact that the dream we have, and the hope we embody, is not the case for everyone. All 7 billion of us won’t have the perfect life, with the wife, the two kids, and the high paying job. Not all of us with make it to the fruition of old age. And not all of us will have the opportunity to make the world our own. So let us dream a fragile little dream, and hold it tight, guarding it with our mind and soul. But more importantly, may we not just dream, but be dreamers.


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