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BP #42: 7 Musicians Not To Sleep On

I love music. Hell I am in love with it. Nothing in our world today can unite people like music can. Not crisis. Not fandoms. Not even the fact that a new Star Wars movie is coming out (seriously, it is December yet?). Every year, new musical acts seemingly come out of nowhere. Some, take the world by storm. Others, slowly build up their careers toward stardom. But not all of them will be around by next summer. Some have had all the success they’ll find. But some, some, will go on to have a successful career. Here’s my watchlist of 7 recent stars. Spoiler: some will fare better than others.

Charlie Puth: Lets be honest. 2015 was the year of Charlie Puth (in terms of new artist at least). His hit with Wiz, See You Again has become one of the biggest songs in digital history, setting records left and right. For most of us, Charlie Puth is a new name is music, but for his fans, Charlie has been blazing his path for many years. From his youtube channel, to his ridiculous song writing skills, Puth is on the verge of being a superstar. And by the sounds of his growing catalogue, the time might just be right now.

Tori Kelly: I’m gonna admit something here. I did indeed sleep on Tori Kelly for sometime. “Who is this girl who keeps popping up in my Twitter feed,” I thought to myself. But after one listen of Nobody Love I was hooked. Her voice and appearance scream soul, and who doesn’t love a little soul in their life. I know I do. Yep. Expect Tori Kelly to be appearing all over your Twitter Feeds and more over the next year and beyond.

Shawn Mendes: Shawn Mendes was some sort of experiment if we are honest. The Vine Star had proved it could be a internet success, but no one knew if that could translate into cold hard sales. But if anyone was primed for the cross over, it was Shawn Mendes. Now, after a few hit singles and a stellar debut album, Mendes has hit stardom. While this isn't Justin 2.0, Shawn is primed for a pop-rock-guitar laden takeover of the music industry. 2015 has been a big year for the young star, but 2016 could be the year for the Vine Star.

Mike Stud: Mike Stud has almost been too successful too long to be on this list. But he still hasn’t found that mainstream hit (And I’m sure he’s perfectly fine with that). I first discovered Mike Stud a few years ago while looking around youtube, and I have always been a huge fan of his work. His lyrics are slick, and when he goes for the lessons, he delivers them over some killer beats. 2014 and 15 have been two very big years for Stud. And as he continues to go strong, he’s going nowhere but up. (insert balloon emoji here).

Alessia Cara: Holy Smokes. Now THAT is how you do a debut single. Here has quickly become one of my favorite songs not only of the year, but ever. With its relatable lyrics, and soulful beats, it's a song that should be a #1 hit if the world knew what good music was. While Here is Cara’s only song credit at the moment, it's not hard to tell that a R&B star with crossover sound has come along. I have a feeling we could be hearing Alessia’s names next to the names of Fantasia and Jazmine Sullivan very soon.

Fetty Wap: Lastly we have ole Fetty Wap. First off, Wap has many things going for him, especially his voice. That thing doesn't have a duplicate in the entire world. And his rymes aren't bad either. But the rap industry has become very crowded in the years, with people like Drake, Kendrick, and J Cole being the names to really solidify their status. Others are coming close though, and only time with tell if Fetty Wap can rise to at least some form of status in the the music world. His works have been promising, to we will just have to wait and see.

In A Love Affair With Music,


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