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  • Eichel Davis

BP #44: Sophomore Year. The Best Sequel We Will Ever Make.

Don’t you just love the Odyssey. With its great articles about topics us guys really don't care about. Long has it ruled the Mizzou student Journalism world. But what is this. A post for..guys. Yes, this will a post geared toward the Ole Boys of MIZ. It's been a long summer coming, but Sophomore year is almost upon us, and with it comes some pretty incredible perks. If you think freshmen year was a blast, get ready to part two.

New Place. New Poeple...

By time May rolled around, most of us had exhausted the people in our dorm. We knew their names, their hobbies, their strange fetishes (FIOS reference). We knew if they played a sport, or what greek house they resided in, and for some of us, we even knew their late night happenings. Yes we had become a family that knew way too much about each other, and with every family, we began to get really sick of weird uncle Tyler (sorry buddy). So as we move out of the dorms, and into the various way-too-nice-to-be-well-built student housing complexes around COMO, we are faced with a whole new world of people. Of course there will be some familiar faces, but the vast majority of the people we are about to live with are gonna be new to us. And that will be one of the greatest things. You don’t get do overs often in life. So its nice when Life treats you nicely, as least until you find a new weird uncle.

...That You Can Choose To See

Privacy has never felt so in style. After a year of basically being forced to see people, you can chose not to. In the dorms, especially those with community bathrooms, it was as if you had no choice but to get out of your room. And while that was one of the greatest things about dorm life, it also turned into one of the less advantageous features. Sometimes you want your space. Whether it be in your own room, or in the comfort of your own living room, sometimes you just wanna be alone with you and your thoughts.

You Know (Some) Stuff

Sure we might not Einstein, but we have a lot more knowledge than when we first walked onto campus. I mean, you don’t go through hundreds of days of experiences, without learning a few things (if you’re the exception, more power to ya). You haven’t lived until you’ve seen two people drunk in the middle of the hallway acting like extras in The Walking Dead, or until you’ve seen someone get arrested in Dirty Dobbs (that happened), or until you’ve at least gone to the Midnight BBQ. The experiences we had last year, weren’t just memorable, they were teachable.

We declare our Independence from the tyrant known as MizResLife.

We now know how Colonials felt. Sure they were being taxed and treated like second class citizens, but so were we! At least they could keep their doors open without being accused of inciting a fire hazard. At least they had open access to their kitchens at all times, and didn't have to go to war over the few lounges in the building. I’d say GW and our ancestors had it easy. Nothing will compare to the regime of Mizzou ResLife. There were many arrest (citations) that led to our freedom, but that made victory seem so much sweeter.

The Boys Are Back For A Sequel, Which Is Always The Best One

Last, but certainly the most importantly, is the fact that your boys are back for the sequel. After a long summer apart, the crew is back together and ready to do their best to trump the debacles of Freshmen year. takes only a few moments to build a friendships. Other take a little longer. But no matter how long you’ve been friends, brotherhoods only get better and stronger with time. Look back on the greatness that was freshmen year. Look back on the late nights, the early mornings, the countless stories, the bad ideas that you did anyway, and even the hard times. Look back on all of it and remember that it was only in a year’s time that all that happened. So imagine the things another year could bring. Imagine it. Dream about it. Then make it happen.

Its hard to believe that we’re entering our sophomore year. I still remember how overly excited we all were to be on You@Mizzou. And now we’re here, about to continue on a journey with each other once more. So cheers boys, to another year, another one of the ages.

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