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  • Eichel Davis

BP #47: Mizzou, We Have A Problem.

Dear MU and the greater population,

This is ridiculous. We have a task in front of us.

Yes we. Because as a black man, I want you to realize that this is NOT black issue. This is a human issue. An American issue.

We have driven a man to ungodly places because we won't listen. We have uprooted lives and educations because we won't listen. We, as Mizzou, have allowed injustice and pain because we won't listen.

What does it take, MU? For us to be treated fairly. What will it take for Racism to not feel comfortable on our beautiful campus? What will it take for all of us to stand up and not allow such injustice? What will it take for us to believe in the dreams and prosperity of all of our brothers and sisters. Will it take death?

What does it truly take, MU? For us to be heard. For us as human beings to care for the problems of others. We are so quick to help those outside our borders, while we are hurting right here at home. We are so generous and sympathetic to those in other nations, and yet we denounce the problems of people right here. In our schools, in our work places, in our classes. We have issues at home. So let's not run outside our borders to escape them.

How did we get here MU? I’m not talking about our history. I’m talking about today. How did we forget to care? We have students that are being called niggers, and we have horrible symbols being drawn on the walls of our homes. How did we allow Racists to be so very comfortable destroying our community. How did we be get here, November 7, 2015? Ferguson taught us nothing I see. Baltimore taught us nothing I see.

How by God's grace did we allow our sacred right of Free Speech, to become obstructed? Not here. Not at that time. Not when they are around. You will fight for you right to carry a gun, but wont fight for the rights of your fellow human beings. That is disgusting, America. And we should be ashamed.

Don’t get me wrong, Mizzou, I love you. With all of my heart, I love you. The way your Columns stand tall. The way your teachers believe in the future of the “failed generation’. The relationships that you grow, and the brothers and sisters you have brought, I cherish all of it. But even the greatest, have their flaws.

Come on Mizzou. Lets not let the ways of our ancestors destroy what we have built. There are so many amazing souls here. So many great minds, and visionaries that just need a little guidance. Let us be a light, Mizzou. But also, let's not let the words of a few, make us judge the many.

So what will do MU? Let us start by acknowledging the problem. Racism lives here. It lives everywhere. From coast to coast, it lives. It breaths. So let us start here, in little Columbia. Let us fight with our words, and our voices, and our non-violent actions. Let us grow a revolution that will be inescapable. Let every voice be heard. Whether you are white, or black, or international, this is Our School. This is Our Issue. This is Our Revolution

So Mizzou...Get To It.



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