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  • Eichel Davis

BP #48: How Dare You

Yesterday I wrote a piece directed at Mizzou and it's great student body. You can read it HERE. I talked about unity and equality. I wrote in poetic language and tried my best to inspire the best in people.

This won't be one of those posts.

I know that a lot of Americans are extremely great people. But, today I will address the “I’m not racist but...” crowd, because what I woke up to was a disgrace of comments and ignorance, and I have some words for all of you.

First Off, I’m not wasting my time on racist backwoods folk that call people names, and think we should go back to Africa. You don’t deserve my attention, because you are a disgrace that I quite frankly have lost hope in.

But to the rest of you. To the ones who think we have brought this upon ourselves, who think that we whine too much, who think we cause our own oppression.

How Dare You.

How dare you talk about our oppression. Yes we are no longer slaves, much to all of your displeasure, but those were not our only chains. Lets not forget about history after the Civil Rights movement. Let’s not sweep under the rug how we financially held back, how our schools were unfunded, how the government would not give us loans for housing, forcing us into less than ideal situations.

Yes I know this might sound like whining. But the only whining that I have heard today is from the people hiding behind those computer screens. The only whining that my little ears have picked up today is from people who have...those their will to care for humanity.

How Dare You.

How dare you try to silence the voices of a football team. These great young men, many of whom I call friends, decided to do something instead of play with a football. You all accuse them of being dumb and uninformed. And yet when they do something powerful, when they say that we are not those things, you all act like the walls are falling down around you.

Now I didn’t want to go all Olivia Pope in Scandal on you all but you guys have pushed me to a limit.

And I am now over it.

I am over being nice. I am over reading comments of such ignorances and just plain cold-heartedness. You people (that felt weird) don’t get it. And I frankly do not know why. Do we have to all die for you all to get the picture? Please tell me what we have to do. Because we have been provided with a great number of instances that were called “isolated events” and still you all continue say things like “They’re overreacting” or “They have opportunities” or “They just want handouts” or my personal favorite “If you don’t like it, leave”.

It's almost laughable. You want us to leave a place that we have contributed so many things to. But if you want, we can take back our money, our policies, our inventions, our actors, our directors, our doctors, our scientists, our college students, our designers, our CEOs, our small business owners, our politicians, our Sunday football games, and our Saturdays down South. We can take it all back.

But we won't. Because this our home. This is a place we love and cherish and hold dear in our hearts. We are proud to be African-Americans. So now that I am done “Olivia Pope-ing” all of you, I’m going to go back to Revolution. Hope to see some of there.

Eichel Davis

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