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CWPress Release: Varsity 3 Is Coming

I know it’s been awhile.

In 2014, The Varsity: Heroican War ended with a cliffhanger of great proportions. And while I always intended to release the next book almost two years later, I did not think the wait would feel so long. Even I have found myself wondering and daydreaming about what in the hell is gonna come of our group of Heroicans. Well today, I am happy to announce that the Varsity are indeed alive, and they have another adventure to embark on. And this one will lead them to some unimaginable places.

Varsity 3 (official title to come very soon) will be released during the summer of 2016, and will pick up four years after the events of Heroican War. After losing their powers in a fight for humanity, Jensen, Nick, Scott, and their families have begun to move on from that tragic day, some better than others. But as they are called on once more to protect themselves, the group will be faced with enemies unlike anything before. And in all of this, the boys will come face to face with the tragedy that claimed the lives of their fathers, and the truth behind it.

This story will test the trio on a much more personal level than previous books. Matty Athens will play a bigger role in the novel. Also some old friends will in fact return to help the Varsity in their personal hour of need. The global stakes are scaled back just a little, but I assure you it won’t feel that way. The group has never been in more danger. Their families have never been called more than now. And their futures have never been more uncertain.

Varsity 3 will be a roaring sequel to the first two books, and is something that will leave you flipping through the pages faster than ever.

And again, sorry for the wait.



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