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  • Eichel Davis

Mizzou Baseball: These Days

Dear World,

How’ve you been? I know we haven’t talked since May but hey it’s water under the bridge. You're looking a little tired. It’s been an interesting few months. Mizzou has seen some highs and lows. Some losses, and some incredible wins. But I (and we) want you to know something.

We are ready.

In the last months, we didn’t just walk away from the game that built us. We didn’t just hang up the cleats, clean out the dugouts, place our hats in their cupboards and walk away. No, we’ve been building something special. We’ve been putting in the hours. We’ve been facing the blistering cold, and the beating heat because we know we can be something historic.

We built a family first, unlike anything to be rivaled. We’ve built lifelong bonds, and classic hollywood bromances. We’ve built late nights with the boys, and early mornings. This was the easy part: falling in love with each other. And the stories? Well those are ours to hold dear. From day one, from the time we stepped back in little old Columbia, we began our most important task of the season. You see, good teams can go far. They can win a lot of games. They can hit a lot of homers. They can even make it to the Omaha.

But families? Families win it all.

Which is why we’ve built champions here. We built a family off the field so when we walk onto that diamond, there is no doubt about who we are. There’s no doubt about the things we can be. There is no doubt about the homers we can smash. There is no doubt about the pitches we can throw. Because we have proven it to the most important people. Ourselves. We’ve proven it to each other. From the players, to the coaches, to the managers, to the trainers, we’ve all proven that this family, this group of souls, can do it. We can win against the number one team in their house. We can rock out in front of sold out crowds. We can dominate when we want, we can grind when we need to, and come back when it's do or die. We as Missouri Baseball can make it. We can make it to Omaha.

And we can win it all.

We’re gonna build a story to always be remembered here. In this 2016 campaign. Because we have us. We have these players, and these coaches, and these managers, and together we are going to do unimaginable things.

Because from this moment forward, these days shall be ours.

These moments, these comebacks, these walks offs, these perfect games, they will be our story. Our unpredictable, unfathomable, and unrelenting Road to Omaha.


Shall We Begin?

Eichel | @EichelGDavis

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