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Week In Review: Feb 28th, 2016

So if you don’t know, I do a lot of things. I work with our baseball team, run their student section, create their videos, and much more. I am in the process of writing my 9th novel, and I (hopefully) will continue to create solo projects on my own. But with that, it leaves less time to write these grand and sweeping post every week. But there are so many things in life that I want to talk to you guys about. So from this week forward, I will be releasing The Week In Review. A weekly or so piece, it will discuss music, television, and more that were part of my week. It’ll lighthearted sometimes, and heavy others. But it will be real. Everything on this site from now on...will be real.

MUSIC: Stories And Change Rule

  • Formation is a good song: Beyonce starts by telling everyone she is back, before she goes and sets the world on fire with this song (and the Superbowl performance that followed). The imagery in this video is up there with the best, and the song isnt bad either. But...

  • White Privilege II by Macklemore is way better: Before the Beyhive devours me, hear me ourt. Beyonce's song is good. Great maybe. But Macklemore delivers more of a rolling dialogue than a song. Split into several parts, the production on the song is increbible, incorperating everything you want from it. Unless 2016 becomes the best year of music in awhile, then White Privilege II will be in my top songs of the year.

  • Not a huge fan of the ‘Work’ music video: I mean look, I like Rihanna and the American Oxegen video was amazing, but the video for this is just okay at best. It's a chill song, so I guess I shouldn't expect much more from the video. Still love the song though.

  • Kelly Clarkson made me weep: If you haven't seen Kelly Clarkson preform 'Piece By Piece' on American Idol, then you haven't lived this week. A song about her absent father, she had all of us on the verge of an emotional breakdown, and that was before we saw her fall into tears. I'll admit, the room wasn't dusty this time. Those were real emotional tears.

TELEVISION: It Happened (Happening)

  • Can we talk about Walking Dead: After years of teasing, the Walking Dead finally went there. It finallly gave us the perfect romance. Yes I am talking about Rick and Michonne. For some it seemed out of left field, but for others it had been building for seasons. Ever since she showed up outside those prison gates, it was meant to be. Just like season six is meant to be one of the greats.

  • Scandal is setting up some amazing storylines: This show has been good for a long time, and great through some runs here and there. And while this season has had some rough points, the storylines they are setting up going into the last stretch promise to be some of their best. Cyrus looking for a new man to make president is going to be great, and Mellie and Olivia on a team together screams greatness. It should be a fun road to May.

  • The Flash needs to win more awards: Guys. Guys. Like guys. Shows have to have bad runs at some point right? Nope, not the Flash. It seems to get better (and more confusing) every single week. The Zoom storyline keeps me intrigued, and with his identity finally known, I have no idea where this show is going. And I love it.

  • House Of Cards is sooooo very close: I really should feel bad for loving Frank Underwood as much as I do. While I don't love him as much as Meechum does, I find myself fascinated by the moves of the fictional first family. Yes, they are evil people who are most likely joining Nixon is the depths of political hell, but they are just so freaking good at being bad. Cheers to a few more seasons of the Underwood Dynasty.

LIFE: How'd We Get Here

  • Mizzou is a beacon of hope, not a stain of the past: This is something that (for some reason) needs to be addressed. Mizzou should not be embarassed that it has become a beacon for racial conversations. We have decided to work through the hard and grueling process, instead of walk around it. We did something that other places could not. And now we can lead the conversation, instead of steering clear of it.

  • Trump is going to win the nomination: I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Its almost a certainity. Donald Trump will be the Republican Nominee, and with that we have a nervous few months ahead of us. We as America finally have a common enemy! Its Trump. Becuase if we don't stop him, Toronto is going to get alot more crowded.

  • Guys, some of us have a bad view of what it means to be a man: This will be a short to the point bulletin. I hate the stereotypes that some guys think they have to fall into. Being raised by all women, it pains me that some of us are gonna fall into the traps of being aggressive, and not doing certains things becuase they are not what society thinks we should do. We are so much more than that.

  • Mizzou Baseball comes home this weekend: IM JUST SO HAPPY

See you next week,

EICHEL | @EichelGDavis

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