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Week In Review: March 13th, 2016

Back again (without the vans). Let's talk.

MUSIC: This Is Real

  • Let me just say that Lukas Graham is gonna be a superstar: Some people just have it. I know that gets thrown around a lot, but some musicians are just meant to have careers. And Lukas Graham has the makings of a international superstar. His breakout hit "7 Years" is climbing up the charts, and his debut album should arrive soon. And with it...stardom.

  • Justin Timberlake still proves to be the King of album replay: If you guys don't know, Justin Timberlake is argubly my favorite musical artist. And after a month or so of being Timberlakeless, this week I had a huge resurgence of love for this guy. From his debut album to the masterpiece that is 2020 Experience, the dude has produced some hits. And even his songs that didn't go on to become chart toppers are some of the best of our generation. We haven't seen a boyband break out make music this good since the King himself. I thought someone just needed to remind all of you of it.

  • Chris Stapleton's Fire Away video should win many VMAs: Fire Away is a great song, one of Stapleton's best. But when he released the music video for the song a few days ago, it was taken to another level. Showcasing a husband trying his best to make his depression striken wife feel wanted, the imagery is striking, and hard to watch at times. You know the video isnt going to end well, but even when the moment comes, it still shocks you. Hats off to Mr. Stapleton. Video of the year contender right here.

TELEVISION: "We're Going To Destroy Them"

  • Can we talk about Walking Dead...AGAIN: Negan is sooooooo close. I'm talking like really really really close. In the last episode, we got our first taste of the Saviors, and their trickory. We also got to see a brutal side of our heroes that their going to need to defeat the evil and discpable Negan. I'm thrilled to see what this storyline provides. But from what the comics give us, this stretch of Walking Dead will indeed be its best. I'm ready.

  • House Of Cards is still Netflix's best show: I know some of might not agree with me. But no matter how great Bloodline, Daredevil, Nacros or even Orange Is The New Black are...House of Cards collectively is the cream of the streaming crop. Season Four might turn out to be the best of the show so far (only on episode 9) and the storytelling has finally found the perfect mix of shock value and political drama. Plus Kevin Spacy's Frank Underwood will go down as one of the great characters in television history, with Claire following some ways behind him.


  • I almost forgot why I started doing this: I'm gonna be very honest with all of you. For the last few weeks, I haven't been completely happy. I didn't really know why, but I felt like something huge was missing. Like something was slowly slipping away. Well I think I figured it out. You see no matter how much I love the things I do, it all started with writing. No matter how much fun I have making baseball videos, or writing this blog, the books were and are the main focus. And I had almost lost track of that. Which would have been a terrible thing to do.

  • Love is the weirdest of things: I've wrote an entire post on love [read here] but it still can be one of the craziest of things. And I'm not talking about the love you share with your friends and family. I'm talking about the intense, whirlwind of emotions you feel, or don't feel, for a person. It's a confusing game. And even as I play it, I don't even know what the cards in my own hand are.

  • Bernie Sanders isn't out of fire just yet: #FEELTHEBERN

  • Mizzou Baseball gets a webseries (by yours truly): Check It Out Below!

See ya next week,

EICHEL | @EichelGDavis

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