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Entourage: Inspired By The Mike Stud Crew

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Mike Stud fan. From labeling all my instagram photos with #TheseDays, to the “Ya Neva Know” hat that I wear out to bars, I am a hard core Homie.

Over the summer I faithfully watched his new tv show, This Is Mike Stud. And while this isn't a review, I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has ever had a dream. The most important thing that I took out of the show was the love between every member of that team. You see, Mike Stud was never just about one man. It's a group of friends, brothers, who surrounded Mike and helped him along the way. From Blue, to Jerry, to Kilmer, Mike has the privilege to have a wonderful group of guys around him, guys that were there when he was playing in small bars at Duke. Guys who were there when he hit a million youtube views, or debuted at number one on the charts, or heard his song on the radio for the first time.

They’ve been there for all of it. His support group, his family, his “come up crew”, they’ve been there through the journey.

A recent conversation with a friend made me want to write this. You see, life is hard. I know I say that a lot, but it's so very true. Life is hard. Life is challenging. And life can be a dream stealer. But it becomes a little easier to keep going when the people around you are climbing the same rope as you.

The Mike Stud Crew is an extreme example of this. I’m not saying that you and your friends have to be pulling from the very same rope. Im saying you need people pulling their ropes in the same direction. People who are hopelessly reaching toward their dreams. Brothers, family, girlfriends, who are grinding everyday, fighting, scratching for the next inch of their story.

Because dreaming in a strong man’s deed. And it’s a lot easier to do when your friends are dreaming too.

And I know it can be hard, when your friends fail. When they come up short, fall on hard times, or god forbid start giving up their dreams. But it’s your job, as their friend, brother, and fellow rope puller, to pick them up, dust them off, and put them back on the road.

Because one day...they’ll do the same for you.

Things change, and I’m not denying the power of time. It comes for all of us at a point, for all of our goals and dreams. But if you surround yourself with a group of go getters, of motivated souls, of hopeless dreamers, time has a harder time getting into your inner circle, your entourage.

And as Mike Stud would say, Ya Neva Know what will happen next.

EICHEL DAVIS | @EichelGDavis

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