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#THEFINAL14 | Late Night Little Talks Pt 2

Let’s start here.

Early on Freshmen year, I discovered something, something incredibly simple, yet amazingly accurate.

The best things in college happen after dark.

As you come to find out freshmen year, sleep in a pipedream. Little do your parents know when they call you to say goodnight, your night is just getting started. And yes some of those involved doing stupid things while under the influence of some questionable liquids (UV Blue is not a mixed drink friends. Remember that), many of those nights involved a computer, a textbook, and a friend.

Many of these conversations, these Late Night Little Talks (TM pending) were casual quips regarding how stupid a class Food Science is, or how I’m Shmacked is coming to Columbia. Many of them held little consequences outside of their happenings. They were just whimsical talkings.

But some them, were more that. In times like this, talking seems to be getting lost in the shuffle of hashtags, and the neverending barrage of #fakenews. Somewhere along the way, we stopped talking. We stopping listening. The world is the big beautiful place, filled with big grand dreams, and incredibly diverse people, who have some many amazing things to say. It would be a shame to miss out on them.

Conversation can heal a nation, and lack of it can break one.

I built some of my best friendships in the study lounges of South. I discovered brotherhoods, and laughed until a cried, and witnessed some unforgettable moments. In fact, my entire life goes back to one of these late nights where a girl named Lizbeth asked me the question that stopped the world a bit.

“Why the hell are you in meteorology?”

That single question, one that I laughed off at the time, ended up being the center point of my first year of college. I loved weather don’t get me wrong, and I still do. But as many of you have probably figured out, I can be pretty creative with a video camera and some time in Final Cut. I can write my hands off, and capture photos till the sun comes up and back down, and tell stories.

In fact, I’ve been telling stories with you guys for years now.

So again, remember this. The best things in college happen in those late night hours where you’re surrounded by people you trust, in places you’ll come to miss dearly. I’d give almost anything sometimes to have one more little talk in those old South Hall lounges. So, as the night wears close, don’t you dare close those eyes. You might miss something special. You might miss a chance to change a mind, or open a heart. You might miss a moment that becomes irreplaceable.

Besides, sleep is for the weak.


EICHEL | @EichelGDavis

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