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#TheFinal14 | Bread And Butter

Today, we’re gonna talk about something very simple: Friendships.

I’ve talked about friendships in great length over the past 4 years. I’ve talked about the ones you bring into college, and the ones that you pick up along the way, and even the ones you lose. But there is a reason for this. You see, friendships are the bread and butter of your college experience.

I know a bunch of parents just gasped and grappled at their pearls, but it’s true. College is not about school. It's not about grades. It's about experiences, culture, and most importantly people.

I have had the incredible privilege of meeting some amazing people during my time at Mizzou. I’ve befriended first round draft picks, future presidents, fashion designers, filmmakers, and doctors. I’ve befriended school teachers and police officers and future servicemen. I’ve befriended people who embody the best of what college and this country have to offer. And while now it seems like I’ve known all of them for so very long, the fact of the matter is that people came and went and stayed along this long and often unexpected road. Which bring me to my most important point in this entire grand statement.

Never, ever, stop making and cultivating friendships.

I know this seems to be a given, but for a lot of people, they make their friends freshman year, and that’s that. But as I look back on my time in college I have come to see that while I still have many great friends from my time in South Hall, I also have met some pretty great people in the time in between.

And will lose friends. You will lose some of those high-school-forever friends. Some will happen by your hand, but most will just kind of...fade into the day. Most will happen without you even noticing. And it sucks, and it hurts, but it’s okay. I promise you that it is okay.

And I honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen in 7 months, when we all go our separate ways. This isn’t highschool. There is no base, no home for the holidays. There will be the occasional homecoming football game, the weddings, and class reunions. But it will up to all of us more than ever to stay in touch. It will be up to us to keep up with our bread and butter. And some friendships will be lost. It’s inevitable. And It will suck. But again, it will be okay. Because the ones that truly matter, the true forever friends...well there only a phone tag away.

But i'm not thinking about that right now. Right now, in this moment, I’m thinking about writing these last few pages of a journey that has been filled with some incredible characters. It’s been filled with late night little talks, and family dinners, and saturdays down south. I hope my last pages can be filled with the same.

So cheers, to the last chapter. Let’s become legend,

EICHEL | @EichelGDavis

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